Asian at House | Pad Thai Recipe


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  1. xxstaceybooxx

    I love this. I'm gonna try this.

  2. Daiy

    looks so good

  3. The Lazy Cook Show

    That looks delicious! I'll be sure to give it a try.

  4. Jan Sirimongklanurak

    I'm Thai and this looks amazing!! I've heard what is going on with your house and I wanna sayy fighting!!

  5. Michael Belk

    why is it called pad thai? curious

  6. Jaclyn Inkhamheng

    Oh my gosh! Definitely going to try with my hubs this weekend!! Thank you for the very easy directions!!!

  7. Shiela Almenario

    I made this one.. without the radish and it still delicious... my husband love it and keeps requesting this food.. thank you for sharing...

  8. Kyu Min

    I'm Thai, and I'm here to insist this recipe is real! Yeah! Try it everyone. You can't miss this recipe.

  9. tarunkcis

    Great vid

  10. herlanto ryan

    3:43 when did you make this dish ? that tamarind has expired on march 2016 and you upload it on april 2016. just a reminder

  11. periwinkleRin

    hi lovely Seon. made ur recipe phad thai...not once but twice YUM! how can we make it look tamarind concentrate not as dark as urs.

  12. thanapol raktham

    This is authentic Pad Thai. I'm Thai and I confirm this.

  13. pannarak makmak

    Im thai ,this recipe is really good and correct !!! I saw many pad thai recipe on youtube but This one is real traditional pad thai . Trust me ??


    Thank you Ms.
    I will try this Thai Noodle
    Can u please share how to cook Thai Spicy Soup (Not Tom Yum) with Fried Chicken and Pork Neck Salad that I tried in Bangkok. These are my super favorites :) :)

  15. señor shaman

    I've watched so many recipes on Pad Thai, and this is definitely my favorite!

  16. Sema Garcia

    Seonkyoung longest this is seriously so delicious made this for my family and they loved it! Amazing recipe thank you! Quick question where do you buy your tamarind paste? Can I find it online? Thanks!! Love your channel!??

  17. marianne030

    hi Seonkyoung.... where can I find that sweet radish in the Asian store?

  18. Mark Donovan

    great tutorial, i cant wait to cook for the family.

  19. Isabelle Wang

    wow i am thai people and you're so amazing

    The food look delicious i want to try T_T

  20. Niña Bordamonte

    The first time I tried pad thai on a random thai stall here in the PH, I didn't like it. But watching this, looks like I am going to give it another shot by cooking it on my own, your way, and I am so excited!

  21. Jennifer Centeno

    can i use egg noodles

  22. Basma Mah

    merci from france

  23. InTheCornerDunce

    that looks amazing! I can't wait to try making this!

  24. Di Le Blanc

    You are excellent amazing incredible!! I love how you prepare each dish that you do!!!!!

  25. puffpuffyogi

    I want to eat this now!!!!

  26. Bintang Baru

    i love the way you eating

  27. Phayth Yang

    i like your wok. can you tell me where you bought it from?

  28. Ava Funderburk

    I can't wait to try this!! How awesome!

  29. Carmen Rhea Rittweg

    ummmm love it ..thanks for reciept

  30. Charlie Blum

    Looks fantastic! I'm cooking this tonight.
    IF, there are any leftovers, How long will they stay good?
    Thank you!

  31. Simon Fear

    just made it as good as the ones I have had in restaurants
    thank you so much

  32. cookingwithcelien

    Chek out my cooking video !! ;)

  33. uerrange e

    Please make a spicy jjampong Soenkyung please

  34. Catalina Moua

    ur recipe looks and sounds so good!

  35. tanya bender

    that looks really good

  36. Karen Valkyrie

    mmm soooooo yummy i love when they taste test it :D

  37. Joe Tito

    I love u r recipe, there easy to follow ND so tasty. thnxs

  38. Blue delpha 7

    Oh my...this is one I must make! Drooling...!!

  39. matthew s

    Omg, I'm watching this on new year's eve alone and feeling shitty and now Im hungry too ;-(( this is da bomb

  40. kaboombubz8

    I'm so excited to make this. Also shouldn't watch cooking videos later at night because it will make me terribly hungry....

  41. Kei

    I love that you eat it at the end. so satisfying~

  42. April Angela

    Best pad Thai video I have seen
    You made it look like something I could do! Thanks!

  43. Prima Kaliebe

    I just came across your channel today. What have I been missing? I absolutely love your videos. Thank you for sharing your well detailed and very good recipes! I look forward to recreating some of your dishes.

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